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The Legendary Judges of Magic - Pia the Pinena Fairy

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About the Book

“The Legendary Judges of Magic - Pia the Pinena Fairy” is rated early middle grade level (age 7 - 10). It has 110 pages (13,400 words), standard size (5.25 x 8 inch).

This book was published in January 2018.

This is the second book in the series - all books share some story characters but each book is an independent story that you can read by itself.

About the Author

Amy Zhao was a 4th grader at Northshore School District when she wrote this book.

She wants to become a great author someday. She also likes to design comic books and wants to work on animation.


You can buy this book at Third Place Books bookstore or many other bookstores if you are local, or on Amazon, or on this Website (checkout by Paypal).

Special Thanks

Amy had an Author Event for this book on April 10, 2018 with Third Place Books. Thanks for all the support, many parents and kids came to hear about the story, asked questions, and joined the discussion about writing as well as plenty of interesting topics. Amy shared many of her writing experience with the audience.

This book became Best Sellers for March, April, and May 2018 in the book store. Thank you.

We also own many thanks to Third Place Books. Third Place Books is one of the largest local book stores in greater Seattle. They not only offer great books to readers of all ages, but also act as hub for local communities. We are blessed to have such a great book store nearby. Thank you.

Kids Love Stories Written by Kids!

Inspire all kids to read & write! Buckle up! Get ready for this action-packed adventure story straight from a 9-year old girl's heart!

Young readers will enjoy the vivid details, immerse themselves in the book, and enjoy the learnings about friendship, honesty, positivity, bravery and confidence, and the importance of wisdom. All from the Legendary Judges of Magic!

If you need Amy to sign the book for your kids, please leave a comment when placing the order.

Special Note

In the appendix of this book, Amy shared some lessons & writing tips she learned while writing this book.

Many young readers got interested in writing after reading her books, and contacted Amy about these lessons & writing tips (including during her author event in the book store - see below). To better help everyone, a section was created on this website to expand and share her writing experience and writing tips she learned. Amy believes all kids can read & write. Please feel free to share them.

About the Story

Furball is an outcast. She's a Magicore, which is the sole reason why the fairy villagers don't trust her. So when the chance to earn their trust finally rises, Furball snatches it. She'll do anything to clear her name and prove herself, even if it means going on a perilous journey to find the Legendary Judges of Magic and pass their insanely harsh tests. She just hopes she'll survive to tell the tale.

The Heart of the Story

In this action-packed adventure, Furball and her friends... 

Had close encounters with amazing creatures and scary monsters, battled against fire breathing dragon. 

They faced engraving dangers and they almost couldn’t make it.

They exhausted all their strength and powers - brain and muscle alike. 

There was only one goal in their mind - to find the Legendary Judges of Magic and pass their insanely harsh tests.

But what did they find out at the end? And was it all worth it?

Don't worry.

They found the results truly rewarding, and it may echo in everyday life.

Kids will love to read and learn from this story.

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