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  • Book Shorts - Magic Doesn't Solve Everything... Did You Realize This?

Book Shorts - Magic Doesn't Solve Everything... Did You Realize This?

Don't pass this off as a silly story written by a kid.

Because my books are more than that. Unfortunately, too many people misunderstand, thinking that in my stories, problems are solved with a flick of a wand or a wave of magic. But that's not the case, and I have a very clear example proving that.

Below,  I explain why I wrote this scene in my book "The Moondust Adventures".

It's much more than you think.

It impacts. The characters struggle, the characters change.

This particular scene shows a young bird, Harmonica, as she tries to overcome her differences with her archenemy and work together as partners to win a race.

“Could you use your Moondust to make Bella and I [friends] so we could at least get along more and win?” Harmonica begged.

“I do think Moondust has the power to make [you two] friends. That should work! I will do it from up here when you two get started!” I replied, signaling her.

. . .

I reached for my pouch and felt the insides carefully with my fingers for Moondust.

It was hollow!

. . .

Oh, no!

What should I do?

If I now told Harmonica I didn’t have any Moondust left, she would panic and probably wouldn’t win the race!

I can’t tell this to Harmonica.

. . .

Harmonica had to make friends by herself using her own skills to get along with Bella.


Pia’s friend, a bird named Harmonica, is competing in a flying contest for birds. However, this contest requires one thing – partnerships. And Harmonica has been partnered with her archenemy, a mean bird named Bella! Desperate, Harmonica seeks help from Pia, begging Pia to use her magical Moondust to turn Bella into Harmonica’s friend. But when Pia tries to find her Moondust… she realizes that it’s gone. No Moondust. No help. Harmonica must learn to make friends with Bella by herself, or lose the race.


We all love the concept of magic.

Magic charms to give you good luck, magic spells to do your hair, dry clothes, fix crumples in your homework… it all sounds so fun and so easy compared to how hard it is to do those things in real life.

But what about something as complicated as friendship?

Can you force a friendship using magic?

I am well aware that one of the main genres of my books is literally magic. 

But there is a reason why my main characters only use magic for physical activities, not mental ones. Playing with sunlight rays, or turning water into ice, etc. But the key here is that my characters never use magic to change someone’s mind or force a friendship. Sometimes characters are possessed by evil magic, but that is a different matter.

The sole point in all this was my intention in expressing that you can’t rely on magic to solve your every problem.

You have to roll up your sleeves and do things by yourself, or you will never learn or grow.

And I think the way magic is used and depicted in my stories can relate a lot to our own, normal everyday lives as well.

Such as how, instead of relying on gadgets like cell phones to text your friends, why not just actually talk to them? And build your own relationship, and friendships, with a bit of courage and sincerity?

There is much we can learn from stories, books, and works of literature.

And this is one of them.

The following is an excerpt from my book “The Moondust Adventures”, which can be found on this website.

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