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Saving Maui - Pia the Pinena Fairy (Chapter 1, Part 1)

Chapter 1 - Slate of Chaos
(Part 1)

“Where is it?” a voice demanded. “Tell me, where is it? And the fairies?”

“I’m sorry, they escaped, sir.” A giant dark black spider whimpered. “We can look for the stone, though!”

The drapes hung like shadows in the dark, cold room. A vase sat at the corner of the room, its shadow encasing the contents. Small spiders scuttled at the corners of the room, avoiding the chair.

“We um, we will look for them any chance we get. The darkness can soon be restored. I promise, sire. I’m really sorry!”

“YOU let them ESCAPE!” bellowed the one in the chair. 

“You let them ESCAPE! WHY? I don’t remember that being part of the plan. Or did you improvise?” The chair creaked ominously.

“Lord of Chaos, please, you must understand.” whispered the giant spider, tears streaking down his scarred face. 

He stuttered nervously, desperately searching for words. “We do know that they are looking for the Friendship stones.”

“You fool!” Slate of Chaos, the one in the chair screeched. “That is exactly what you should be doing! I have sent spies out to track the Friendship Fairies so they will have no progress. I have made the perfect plan. I will destroy Friendship!” 

Slate hissed, and the spider could feel his fiery aura.

“Yet I have a FOOL as a commander!” Slate growled. “How, I say, how? I will not let this happen! Spin me.” A gloved finger pointed at the corner of the room.

A giant spider crawled over, placed a skinny, hairy leg onto the chair’s handle, and spun the chair slowly around. Then the spider quickly crawled backwards, kneeling down until his jaws rested upon the ground.

The chair Slate was resting upon spun around.

It revealed a magical being, a fairy with no wings.

Slate of Chaos wore a night-black suit that blended in with the shadows on the walls.

A heavy, gold chest piece rested on his shoulders, and what distinguished him from his black chair were pearl white gloves, complete with his white boots.

Placed in his hand was a shard of broken wing. The wing had blood stained on the edges, as if it had been freshly torn from a dying fairy.

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