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Saving Maui - Pia the Pinena Fairy

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About the Book

“Saving Maui - Pia the Pinena Fairy” is rated middle grade level (age 10 - 12). It has 320 pages (40,500 words), standard size (5.25 x 8 inch, and 7/8 inch).

It was published in November 2018. 

“Saving Maui” is the 3rd book in the series - all books share some story characters but each book is an independent story that you can read by itself.

Where to Get It

You can buy this book at Third Place Books bookstore or many other bookstores, or on (US) , Amazon CA, Amazon UK

You can also buy this book right here on this Website (checkout by Paypal).

Special Thanks

We own many thanks for support from local communities and readers, as well as from Third Place Books - Third Place Books is one of the largest local book stores in greater Seattle. They not only offer great books to readers of all ages, but also act as hub for local communities. We are blessed to have such a great book store nearby.

This book became Best Sellers for Christmas season December 2018, January 2019, as well as February 2019 in Third Place Books. Thank you.

About the Story

Kids will love this story and learn from it.

Feared Slate of Chaos is targeting Maui, Hawaii, and it's up to Pia and her friends to stop him. Cursed pirates, shadow monsters, demons, and an entire army of giant spiders await them. But all those are nothing compared to Slate's true evil masterplan. Pia and her friends keep their wits with them and gather their stamina. One wrong move and everything crumbles to dust.

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About the Author

When she published this book, Amy was a 5th grader at Northshore School District (greater Seattle).

Amy came up with the story idea for this book when she was on vacation at Maui, Hawaii during her 4th grade winter break. She visited many local places and talked with the people there. She was impressed by the tropical paradise. Amy took many notes during her visit of Maui, and started her story writing right after that. She finished the book when she entered 5th grade.

Amy likes to write and share the writing experience and lessons she learned. Many kids like the stories she wrote - as a matter of fact, we are glad to know that some kids started writing after reading Amy’s books and writing tips she shared. That makes Amy very happy - during her previous Author Event, Amy said “All kids can read and write”, and indeed. 

Kids Love Stories Written by Kids!

Young readers will enjoy the vivid details, immerse themselves in the book, while finding delight in the learnings about friendship, stamina, and grit.

New! You can also Preview & Read This Story Right Now on my site! Click here to start reading now!

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