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The Moondust Adventures - Pia the Pinena Fairy

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About the Book

This book is rated early middle grade level (age 7 - 10). It has 150 pages (18,600 words), standard size (5.25 x 8 inch).

It was published in September 2017 (this book contains 2 stories, “The Quest for Moondust”, and “The Power of Moondust”).

This is the first book in the series - all books share some story characters but each book is an independent story that you can read by itself.

About the Author

Amy Zhao was 8 years old when she wrote the first part of the book (the first story in it), and 9 years old when she finished the second part of the book (the second story in the book).

She hopes to become a great author someday. She also likes to design comic books and wants to work on animation.

Kids Love Stories Written by Kids!

Young readers will enjoy the adventures, immerse themselves in the book, while finding the importance and true meanings of friendship.

If you need Amy to sign the book for your kids, please leave a comment when placing the order.

About the Story

Kids will love and learn from this story.

It tells the amazing adventures of a young fairy, Pia, who is eager to find Moondust and her talent.

Along her quest, she makes friends, encounters suspicious mermaids troubled by ambitious evil power-taking elves, and grows confidence. She tangles with enemies and the greedy Monkey King who will do anything to obtain Moondust for his own gain. After that, Pia and her friends barely escape a flock of crazy, dark, evil vultures in their quest.

Not everything is certain. Foes turn into friends, strangers dangerous.

But in the end, Pia discovers the true meaning of friendship.

Kids will love to read and learn from this story.

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