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Pia the Pinena Fairy Books

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I got the idea for this series when I was in 1st grade.

After reading every single book I could get my hands on, I realized two crucial things:

  • One, there weren't enough strong-willed, determined, female protagonists out there (protagonists, not sidekicks!).
  • And two, kids weren't reading and writing enough!

I was going to change that, I decided. I set out and started writing my first book, which eventually morphed into a 3-book-long series.

I finished the series in elementary school.

(This book series is free-range! Read them in any order you like; they're independent stories!)

~ ~ ~

Pia, a young adventurer, embarks on a journey full of action, adventure, and exploration, making new friends and enemies at every turn while all the meantime learning important morals in life, like how much friendship can impact oneself…

Saving Maui - Pia the Pinena Fairy

Saving Maui - Pia the Pinena Fairy

In this adventure, our beloved Pia is on a mission with her friends to save Friendship from a new threat - the evil ambitious villain Slate of Chaos. Can Pia and her friends defeat Slate, or will the world bend down to the coming tide of darkness? Young readers will enjoy the vivid details, immerse themselves in the book, and be inspired by the learnings.


The Legendary Judges of Magic - Pia the Pinena Fairy

The Legendary Judges of Magic - Pia the Pinena Fairy

Nothing strikes kids better than the lessons from Legendary Judges of Magic!

In this action-packed adventure, Pia and her friends had encounters with amazing creatures and scary monsters, and battled against fire breathing dragon. It was a relief that in the end, their results were truly rewarding, and it may echo in everyday life.


The Moondust Adventures - Pia the Pinena Fairy

The Moondust Adventures - Pia the Pinena Fairy

Moondust, the most mysterious thing in the fairy world. Pia the Pinena fairy, eager to find her fairy talent and Moondust, goes on a dangerous quest. Along the way, she makes friends, meets foes and enemies, and discovers the true meaning of friendship. Friends and foe clash, and must learn to cooperate with each other. Can Pia help save the day?


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