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  • My Comics - Water Cycle

My Comics - Water Cycle

This article was originally posted in Dec 2019.

If you’ve seen my “About the Author” section in each of my books, you know that I like to draw. More specifically, like to draw comics.

So when the chance to draw a comic for a school project arose, I took it eagerly. I drew the first draft of the comic proudly. It took me two painstaking days to draw and plan everything, but I did it. By the time I was done, my hand was throbbing from all the drawing. But I was excited. Finally! After all those hours of cramming in information into the speech bubbles, after hours of drawing, tracing, writing ...

But wait. Hold on.

Cramming information into speech bubbles? That didn’t sound like a comic. Comics were about fun. Instead of so many words to explain everything like in a novel or book, comics expressed themselves through pictures. Drawings.

And my comic… wasn’t a comic at all.

It was too informational. Too boring. Too bland. The number of drawings in it were disappointing. The drawings had all been covered with informational writing. Oh no. Oh dear.

I needed, no, I wanted to spice things up a little, for the sake of the reader.

Then an idea occurred.

I rewrote the comic. And when I was finished, it was full of magic, rhyme, and storyline.

There! That was interesting! That was creative!

And yes, creativity isn’t limited to only writing and drawing comics. You can use it in everything you do. A school project poster? Make it big and brilliantly creative! A fun craft with your friends? Creativeness rocks!

Below, I included the comic just for you! It’s a different, magical, twist on the water cycle ...

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